Fluttering Flowers
June 30, 2014 – 10:50 am | 2 Comments

Butterflies and flowers naturally go together, the latter tethered to the earth, and the former free to flit, bringing both color and motion to a garden.
Many conservatories host butterfly exhibits. Some are seasonal, others are …

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The Changing Nature of Nature in Cities
October 31, 2014 – 8:47 am | No Comment

urban-treesFrom rampant urbanization to the alarming spread of invasive species and the rapidly increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, human activities are impacting natural systems on a global scale, reports the New York Botanical Garden.

Nowhere is the impact of mankind on nature more evident than in cities, where forests have been razed, wetlands paved, shorelines bulwarked, and nature has been relegated to patches of parkland and isolated remnants of woodlands and wetlands.

These urban refuges retain only a fraction of their historic biodiversity, but they do provide opportunity for the more than 50% of the global population that lives in cities to engage with the wonders and mysteries of nature.

“The Changing Nature of Nature in Cities” is a symposium designed to explore the concept of novel ecosystems that are the result of urban development, and ask if these much-maligned accidents of unbridled growth could ultimately mitigate the impacts of environmental change and re-introduce the wonder of nature in cities.

Participating are Richard J. Hobbs, School of Plant Biology, University of Western Australia; Peter Del Tredici, adjunct associate professor of landscape architecture, Harvard School of Design; Emma Marris, journalist, and Kate Orff, founder of Scape/Landscape Architecture and associate professor at the Columbia School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.

It’s set for 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. November 7, 2014, at the garden, 2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, New York. All the details on attending are online.

National Chrysanthemum Society
October 29, 2014 – 8:35 am | No Comment
National Chrysanthemum Society

The annual convention and show of the National Chrysanthemum Society is set for November 13 through 16, 2014, in the Sheraton Crescent Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona. Local host is the Phoenix Chrysanthemum Society.
There’s a full schedule …

Fall Tablescape
October 27, 2014 – 8:13 am | No Comment
Fall Tablescape

Road Trips Gardeners in northwest Georgia next month might want to alter their itineraries to attend a “Fall Tablescape” workshop. It’s set for 10 a.m. to noon November 15, 2014, at Hills & Dales Estate, …

The Real and Fantastic World of Charles Burchfield
October 20, 2014 – 8:11 am | No Comment
The Real and Fantastic World of Charles Burchfield

Road Trips Gardeners will be enchanted with the visionary landscapes of America artist Charles Burchfield (1893-1967). A major exhibition of his work, titled “Exalted Nature:The Real and Fantastic World of Charles Burchfield” is on view …

Flower of the Day: Marigolds
October 18, 2014 – 8:53 am | No Comment
Flower of the Day: Marigolds

Marigolds in fiery shades of orange filled a planter outside the Seoul Club restaurant in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.
(Photo ©2014 by Susan McKee)

Forcing the Issue
October 15, 2014 – 8:48 am | No Comment

Yep. It’s time to think about forcing spring bulbs to bloom ahead of schedule indoors. Road Trips Gardeners traveling through Georgia might want to attend a workshop on the subject set for 10 a.m. to …

Alongside Tall Grasses
October 13, 2014 – 8:08 am | No Comment
Alongside Tall Grasses

Landscapes can be considered natural gardens. In “Alongside Tall Grasses”, an exhibition of the photographs of Matthew Jensen, the backdrop of the Brandywine River and its tributaries figures in a series shot during summer months.
Look …

South Florida Palm Society
October 10, 2014 – 8:14 am | No Comment
South Florida Palm Society

Road Trips Gardeners living in South Florida already know this, but those of us whose views of the tropics are fleeting might want to check out the annual show of the South Florida Palm Society.
It’s …

International Garden Festival
October 8, 2014 – 8:56 am | No Comment
International Garden Festival

The 10th International Garden Festival: Ponte de Lima runs through October 31, 2014, in far northwest Portugal.
It’s not a short display: it started May 30, 2014. This allows for seasonal changes in the garden designs …

Fall Flower Carpets
October 6, 2014 – 8:04 am | No Comment
Fall Flower Carpets

Now’s the time to check out the Fall Flower Carpets in northern Indiana. They’re on display through October 15, 2014.
The “carpets”, located in the downtowns of both Elkhart and Nappanee, Indiana, are loaded with 7,000 …

Hands-on Bulb Planting
October 3, 2014 – 8:20 am | No Comment
Hands-on Bulb Planting

Now’s the time to think about spring flowers, Road Trips Foodies — the kind of spring flowers that burst forth from all the bulbs you’ve planted this fall.
Need a bit of instruction? If you’re in …